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Click Swiipe Marketing | Digital Marketing & Advertising Solutions

Click Swiipe is a digital marketing and advertising agency with headquarters in Bristol, UK. We offer a full range of services including lead generation, social media management, and Google ranking improvement. Let us help you take your business to the next level!


We are passionate about achieving measurable results for your business. Whether that be lead generation, managing your social media content or improving your google rankings. We offer proven digital marketing and advertising solutions with amazing results.


We would love to have a friendly chat with you, just to understand your business more and see if we can help.


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Digital Marketer & Business Owner

The business world is a jungle, and obscurity is a quicksand that can sink your ship faster than you can say "failure". As a seasoned sales and digital marketing professional, I thrive on the challenge of delivering measurable results for my clients. I'm a driven player in this game, and I love nothing more than helping businesses rise above the competition. So if you're ready to make some noise and stand out in the crowd, let's team up and make some magic happen.

Mikey D

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